Growth Hacking Rockstars is your award-winning premier growth hacking agency.
We help you grow your business. All you need to do is to thrust the process while we help to :
find your ideal product-market- fit, define your north star metric, create your experiment roadmap and testing and analyzing untill hyper growth is the result.

Working with us means that you will become at least 10 X as big in terms of revenue and profitability as your industry peers.

Our only metric that matters is your success

We have succeeded many times before, let us prove it to you

Growth Hacking Rockstars utilizes analytical thinking, product (re-)engineering and maximum creativity to significantly increase your company’s core metrics and revenue.

Why work with us?

Our happy customers, include:

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We are masters in customer acquisition. We use paid and unpaid online marketing channels, conventional and unconventional methods but we make sure your site or software is found by the right users. Expect massive traffic. We try to keep the zombies out.


Our Growth Hacking AARRR Approach








Once your users arrive, we activate them and transform them into paying customers. We use an array of traditional conversion optimization techniques and make sure that a high percentage of your users turn into first-time customers. If zombies had wallets they would pay as well.

We ensure that you generate as much revenue as possible using revenue maximisation techniques and smart business models that ensure maximum up- and cross selling.

Retaining customers is one of the most important things to get right from start on. Leakage kills businesses. We ensure that your customers will come back and stay loyal with your business. We also make sure no zombies return EVER.

Customer referrals are the most powerful wapeon for new customers and hyper growth. We know how to get your customers to talk about you and refer their friends or family or even strangers to your business.


Tomislaw Dalic - Growth Rockstar

Tanja Sanders - Data Management & Analytics

CRM Management-Andrew Aird

Product Management -Xavier Baars

Content advisor- Elco Leenstra

Growth Hacking Rockstars is not your standard growth hacking agency. We focus on customer success, and we believe in a personalized approach for each of our customers. Therefore we have abandoned traditional office spaces and working hours, long ago. 

Instead, we are are network powerhouse. 

We embrace the future  by being as efficient as possible while delivering stellar results!

Tom founded Growth Hacking Rockstars in 2010 under the name Online Marketing Rockstars. Under his leadership Growth Hacking Rockstars finished several projects with results even his mom found unbelievable. He is the lead growth hacker with a passion for SEO, CRO & disruption.

Agile Coach - Marco Stuijvenberg

One of the best product owners out there. Whenever we need help to build products people love, Xavier is there to help build them. He has proven many times that he can imagine and build the impossible. Previously he has built a virtual cloakroom, brain games & attribution software.

There’s a saying that “a great programmer can be 10 times as good as a mediocre one”. With Marco you can factor this with 100. He is not only a developer but brings in 10+ years of experience building agile development teams for various small and large organisations. 

Content is King nowadays. Elco is a long friend and advisor for all content and language related questions. He is currently working in leadership roles at Dutch publishing houses where he combines his hobby with work: reading the greatest words ever written down.

Serial entrepreneur, coder and CRM geek Andrews' in-depth knowledge is key when it comes to solving puzzles in the complex world of CRM and relationship management world. A champion of deep customer analysis and always keen to automate everything.

Tanja is the data queen at Growth Hacking Rockstars. Collecting, aggregating and analysing and torturing data until it confesses is her passion. Prior to co-founding Growth Hacking Rockstars she held the Managing Director Northern Europe position of a hot Israeli programmatic start -up.

The 3Ps of Your Growth

Did we mention we are award-winning?


Great people guarantee great results. You need the right people for your project to be successful. We make sure that the right people are at the right place at the right time. Zombies are NOT people. They used to be.





Growth is a process that needs to live within your organization. We ensure that you use very efficient processes that minimize waste, motivate your people and that are aligned with your growth goals.

We put cutting-edge platforms and systems in place that help and motivate your people to over perform on a daily basis. We align the platforms so they fit perfectly with your processes and keep zombies out.


The key to achieving hyper growth is finding your product - market - fit. Growth hacking is useless if your product does not solve a pain, provides customers with a great gain or solves a problem by making a complicated task very easy. 

We focus on finding the ideal product-market fit and do not stop until we all are convinced that your product fits the market perfectly. 

Product Market Fit

Hire us!

Based on your needs we either provide in-house training, workshops or full growth consultancy. It always depends on the stage your company or product is at and on your team composition and skills.

Non-profits recieve a wopping 90% discount based on staff availability.

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