Growth Hacking Rockstars is your award-winning premier growth hacking agency.

We help you grow your business. All you need to do is to trust the process while we help to find extreme product-market- fit, define your north star metric or OMTM, create your growth model & experiment roadmap. We help you designing, executing, testing and analyzing untill hyper growth is the final result.

Working with us means that you will become at least 10 X as big in terms of revenue and profitability as your industry peers.

Our only metric that matters is your success.

We have succeeded many times before, let us prove it to you.

Growth Hacking Rockstars utilizes analytical thinking, product (re-)engineering and maximum creativity to significantly increase your company’s core metrics and revenue.

Why work with us?

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Proven process


We are masters in customer acquisition. We use paid and unpaid online marketing channels, conventional and unconventional methods but we make sure your site or software is found by the right users. Expect massive traffic. We try to keep the zombies out.


Our Growth Hacking AARRR Approach








Once your users arrive, we activate them and transform them into paying customers. We use an array of traditional conversion optimization techniques and make sure that a high percentage of your users turn into first-time customers. If zombies had wallets they would pay as well.

We ensure that you generate as much revenue as possible using revenue maximisation techniques and smart business models that ensure maximum up- and cross selling.

Retaining customers is one of the most important things to get right from start on. Leakage kills businesses. We ensure that your customers will come back and stay loyal with your business. We also make sure no zombies return EVER.

Customer referrals are the most powerful wapeon for new customers and hyper growth. We know how to get your customers to talk about you and refer their friends or family or even strangers to your business.


Tomislaw Dalic - Growth Rockstar

Tanja Sanders - Head of Growth & Data

CRM Management-Andrew Aird

Product Management -Xavier Baars

Content advisor- Elco Leenstra

Growth Hacking Rockstars is not your standard growth hacking agency

We focus on customer success, and we believe in a personalized approach for each of our customers. Therefore we have abandoned traditional office spaces and working hours, long ago.

Instead, we are are network powerhouse. 

We embrace the future  by being as efficient as possible while delivering stellar results!

Tom founded Growth Hacking Rockstars in 2010 under the name Online Marketing Rockstars. Under his leadership Growth Hacking Rockstars finished several projects with results even his mom found unbelievable. He is the lead growth hacker with a passion for SEO, CRO & disruption.

Agile & Growth Coach - Marco Stuijvenberg

One of the best product owners out there. Whenever we need help to build products people love, Xavier is there to help build them. He has proven many times that he can imagine and build the impossible. Previously he has built a virtual cloakroom, brain games & attribution software.

There’s a saying that “a great programmer can be 10 times as good as a mediocre one”. With Marco you can factor this with 100. He is not only a developer but brings in 10+ years of experience building agile development teams for various small and large organisations. 

Content is King nowadays. Elco is a long friend and advisor for all content and language related questions. He is currently working in leadership roles at Dutch publishing houses where he combines his hobby with work: reading the greatest words ever written down.

Serial entrepreneur, coder and CRM geek Andrews' in-depth knowledge is key when it comes to solving puzzles in the complex world of CRM and relationship management world. A champion of deep customer analysis and always keen to automate everything.

Tanja is the data queen at Growth Hacking Rockstars. Collecting, aggregating and analysing and torturing data until it confesses is her passion. Prior to co-founding Growth Hacking Rockstars she held the Managing Director Northern Europe position of a hot Israeli programmatic start -up.

The 3Ps of Your Growth

Did we mention we are award-winning?


Great people guarantee great results. You need the right people for your project to be successful. We make sure that the right people are at the right place at the right time. Zombies are NOT people. They used to be.





Growth is a process that needs to live within your organization. We ensure that you use very efficient processes that minimize waste, motivate your people and that are aligned with your growth goals.

We put cutting-edge platforms and systems in place that help and motivate your people to over perform on a daily basis. We align the platforms so they fit perfectly with your processes and keep zombies out.


The key to achieving hyper growth is finding your product - market - fit. Growth hacking is useless if your product does not solve a pain, provides customers with a great gain or solves a problem by making a complicated task very easy. 

We focus on finding the ideal product-market fit and do not stop until we all are convinced that your product fits the market perfectly. 

Product Market Fit

Hire us!

Based on your needs we either provide in-house training, workshops or full growth consultancy. It always depends on the stage your company or product is at and on your team composition and skills.

Non-profits recieve a wopping 90% discount based on staff availability.

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How to choose a growth hacking marketing agency in 4 simple steps (includes a list of all growth hacking & marketing agencies).

Any business that wants to survive, let alone be successful, in cutthroat market conditions has to have a sustainable, long-term growth plan. With the advent of online markets where customers use search engines and just click whatever top result is presented without giving it a second thought, you have to have a rock-solid growth hacking marketing plan to get on top of the pile and stay there, especially if you’re just starting out. This is best done by hiring a specialized growth hacking marketing agency that will boost your business’ online presence despite its teething problems.

Sadly, you might have more pressing matters than worry about your online presence. Startups, scale-ups, and grown-ups typically have 10 work roles per each employee, which means that your team can’t spare any time or energy to deal with growth hacking marketing. 

Outsourcing the issue sometimes helps but you might still need another partner with an expertise in growth hacking marketing, wielding a specialized tool- and skillset.

There’s a lot of nuance in choosing the right growth hacking marketing agency depending on your company goals, composition, and roadmap. The very, very first step is accepting that there is a legitimate growth and/or marketing problem and that you do need help.

As you are on our page and reading this, we assume you have accepted that you need help.

Ready to find a growth hacking marketing partner? Start by assessing your needs until you arrive at a set of concrete goals. 

Strive to create a long-term roadmap for your business endeavor that will serve as a  guide to your North Star, a highly visible point of reference, and then set concrete milestones that will lead you there for the growth hacking digital marketing agency to fulfill. In this way, you have a specific gauge of whether your efforts are fruitful or not.

You should also identify the pain point that’s giving you the most trouble in digital marketing and growth, one where a specialized growth hacking marketing agency can provide a laser-focused solution. 

This means you already have metrics from customers interacting with the digital side of your business and can draw worthwhile conclusions out of them. Any preparatory work you can do cuts down on ambiguity and makes the efforts of your growth hacking marketing agency partner that much more powerful.

Next up, define parameters for your growth hacking marketing agency partner.  For example: What’s the budget, do you have a deadline and what’s the priority for the task? As you answer these questions, you’ll discover crucial aspects of the task that can be outsourced to the partner agency or split between your in-house team and the agency. 

From here, also choose only those services you need and actually can afford; the idea is to have your business end up profitable, not bleed money on services you don’t need.

Try to create an in-house team of specialists capable of dealing with minor issues so you have at least some capacity for immediate action. It’s called a “team” but there’s nothing wrong with having two people in it, as long as they are enough to give some appreciable growth hacking benefit to your business. 

As you work with a growth hacking marketing agency, glean what tools, processes and skills they use to accomplish the task and they apply those to your in-house team. Every process you interact with is a valuable lesson, so never consider yourself too successful to stop learning.

Step 1.

The more preparatory work you can do, the easier it’s going to be for the growth hacking marketing agency. 

In essence, you should be an authority on your company’s metrics to the point no outside agency can give you the run-around to waste your time and money. 

You should know your data inside out and be able to cut through the jargon to data.

A growth hacking marketing agency will also have plenty of moving parts, each of which can grind to a halt for whatever reason. 

Your ability to be clear when presenting task requirements minimizes the chance of this happening. Some growth hacking marketing agencies are too ambitious and might chew off more than they can bite, while others might simply be pretentious. 

Whatever your partner agency, clarity and focus on data will help you distinguish who has quality and who only the facade.

Ideally, you would have a conversation with your growth hacking marketing agency representative where the two of you discuss data and nothing else.

Once you find such a person that understands what you’re trying to do, the project is essentially halfway done. 

It can’t be overstated just how important it is to be prepared before getting the job started.

Each growth hacking marketing agency typically specializes in a certain niche. Ask the representative about the agency portfolio and try to see if your business would logically fit it. 

In this way, you’re finding the best partner agency while helping it fatten its portfolio with clients that make sense. There are plenty of faux business awards that can make a portfolio seem impressive until you look at the clients and projects it contains. 

Some marketing strategies do indeed work across niches but be wary of the cookie-cutter approach that might not work for you. The end goal is always having the partnership be a great match from the start.

You should also be acquainted with the latest growth hacking marketing trends so no agency can rely solely on buzzwords or past projects to wow you. 

It’s a widespread but incorrect notion that past performance indicates future results; a better way to put it is that the current state indicates the potential for future results. 

Look through an agency portfolio for an upward trend, meaning the agency took on more challenging tasks over time, which would indicate an ambitious, fearless and curious work attitude.

References are another thing worth investigating. Try to contact the agency’s clients and ask around for what it was like to work with the agency. This will indicate weak points in the agency’s workflow you can start addressing immediately.

Step 2.

Assess Your Company’s Specific Needs

Do Your Homework!

Find A Growth Agency That Fits Your Style: Plan For Long Term

Step 3.

Long-term cooperation requires finding such a partner that shares your ideals and has a style to match. More than that, you should have at least some idea what your brand is and how the growth hacking marketing agency is meant to help your brand.

Identify your style of doing business, such as whether you like doing things on a shoestring budget or by overspending. Articulate those ideas and be upfront with the growth hacking marketing agency, “Here we like to overspend on marketing and produce flashy content.” Don’t change the way you do business; whatever your style, stick to it and find an agency that shares the same ideals.

You want to discover such ideas in your business that make you excited and then find such an agency that shares those ideals. Each conversation then becomes a thrilling exchange of information and excitement, where the two of you perfectly motivate one another. 

Simply hearing the other person thrilled to be working with you, with electrified brains and ideas, is enough to push your entire business forward.

Plan For Long Term!

Spending more money on a problem doesn’t mean it’s going to get solved faster, better or at all. As Mark Zuckerberg famously said in 2018 after his company got hacked for the umpteenth time, “Security is not a problem that you ever fully solve.” Despite earning $60bn a year, give or take, Facebook still hasn’t solved cyber-security and by the looks of it never will, no matter how much it spends on the problem.

Facebook’s problem is in the concept known as “attack surface”, meaning that any system is only as robust as its least robust component. This is such an incredibly powerful concept that reveals how most companies oriented towards growth at all costs, such as Facebook, haphazardly introduce new features and expand to the point they ultimately get hoisted by their own petard. 

In Facebook’s case, 2 billion users sound like an impressive metric until you realize that also includes hackers, scammers or just meanies to the point a regular person will slowly back away from using the platform, leaving it infested with hate speech, clickbait, malware, spam or just plain fake profiles.

The valuable lesson here is that sudden, explosive growth can have tremendous negative consequences for the company. You ideally want to have sustainable growth that won’t increase your attack surface or will at least make the risks manageable. 

Each feature should be assessed for vulnerabilities in all aspects, including cyber-security, with the attitude of, “How can this backfire?”

Any product you make should account for scalability and ideally be designed from the ground up to face challenges head-on, not shy away from them. Adding a growth hacking marketing agency to your business will likely amplify all the flaws, so get on them and make everything as robust as possible. In general, whatever enhances user autonomy and privacy is the best possible foundation for a product.

If you feel moved by this logic, then there’s your North Star – make users better equipped to deal with challenges while staying anonymous. 

Whatever your service or product, rest assured there’s already a mainstream juggernaut equivalent everyone uses but is secretly sick of. 

Now simply find a growth hacking marketing agency that understands the concepts you’re passionate about and you can immediately start making the world a better place.

Find The Best Value, Not The Best Price

Step 4.

Money is a great motivator but can also backfire when you invest too much in a project and simply can’t write off the investment as a bad one. 

There is a strong urge to throw more money at the problem to recoup the first investment; guess how that turns out. This string of highly reactive, wasteful investments is commonly known as “sunk cost” and reveals emotional attachment to a positive outcome.

We all want to do better in life as it moves on but it’s possible to get stuck in an extreme mentality that demands only the best results all the time. The thing is, most of the time our results are just OK but we ignore them in favor of striving for constant excellence, which is what often brings failure. 

There’s nothing wrong with failure or excellence, what matters is the attitude and emotional endurance after a string of failures occurs through our own actions.

We never have perfect information and by the time we get it, the moment for action is long gone.

What we do have is our gut instinct and experience in handling similar situations that help us make an estimate; lacking experience, we’re left with just our gut instinct that simply doesn’t cut it. Many things we do are just estimates that rarely produce perfect results but the sunk cost fallacy makes us think we should keep trying until everything is just perfect. 

Instead of shooting in the dark, spend that money on defining your problem and hiring an expert to solve it.

When you get to hire a growth hacking marketing agency, you’re actually paying for applied expertise that minimizes the chance of catastrophic failure and might just produce perfect results. 

Experts don’t tolerate haggling, so first establish that the growth hacking marketing agency has experts and then pay whatever their asking price. 

The best way to establish expertise is through a small, easily doable task coupled with immediately available funding.

Create a limited, realistic scenario you can afford to see fail for the growth hacking marketing agency and watch what it can do on a budget. 

In this way you’ll limit your expenses, show you’re a serious client and set parameters in such a way that they’re transparent at all times. After they’ve proven themselves worthy and you have verifiable data that shows expertise, don’t haggle and just let the purse strings loose. 

Ultimately, invest in experts and foster expertise in everyone involved with your business as the best possible way to grow it.

1. Uno Digital (South Africa)

Specializing in wine industry, this 3-member team has a clean, efficient website with a hyperlink titled “don’t click this”. Clicking it shows that this team likes challenging the user into doing something extraordinary while gathering metrics. Growth hacking really is a child’s play for Uno Digital.

2. WeGrowth (Serbia)

Acting like a service hub, WeGrowth offers access to services ranging from web design to SEO writing. In essence, WeGrowth is a noteworthy attempt to present a la carte approach to growth hacking professionals.

3. GrowthMasters (U.S.)

GrowthMasters focuses on coaching and recruitment, with a side of business strategies and planning. The idea is that GrowthMasters might not solve your problem but can find someone who will.

Here is a list of the 40 best growth hacking agencies in the world. 

Pick three or more and make sure to follow our 4 step advice.

4. Rebelhack (UK)

Rebelhack website features bright tiles and easily tappable buttons, perfectly designed for mobile devices. Specializing in metric analysis and case studies, Rebelhack focuses on hardcore research in its daily work.

5. We Are Off the Record (Netherlands)

Home page of We Are Off the Record shows two tiles: black/yellow for startups and yellow/black for corporations. These growth hackers see both of these as complementing one another. Indeed, every business has to think about how to turn corporate and then back to startup to keep things fresh, which is where We Are Off the Record comes in.

6. The Growth Revolution (Belgium)

Boasting lean marketing approach, The Growth Revolution emphasizes building a growth hacking framework. The idea is to embed growth hacking in every stage of doing business by a specialized person or team.

7. Kickass Growth (Serbia)

Visiting Kickass Growth’s website shows an animation of a traveler whose goal appears closer as you scroll down the page. It’s a powerful message that defines this growth hacking team – changing our perspective brings the main goal in focus and makes it seem within reach.

8. Voxturr (U.S., India)

B2B marketing, growth hacking and digital marketing are specialties of Voxturr. By brainstorming viable ideas, Voxturr team rapidly tests them, measures the results and scales the processes up. Easy as cake.

9. Rainmakers (UK, Denmark)

t’s not just about making a good product, but also making sure to have it noticed out there without spending a fortune. With a name fit for a Counter-Strike team, Rainmakers specialize in user onboarding, including in video games.

10. Bell Curve (U.S.)

Bell Curve specializes in growing brands and companies from scratch. How do you even get started? Bell Curve has all the answers and offers hands-on training.

11. Ladder (U.S., UK)

What’s a growth audit? Why, an assessment of your growth hacking methods. You don’t have any growth hacking methods? Get on Ladder and start climbing.

12. TrueUp (UK)

TrueUp website features three projects, two of which were done on Facebook, so if you’re going for social media, they’re your pick. Project details lay bare truths about consumer behavior, such as “consumers don’t care who provides this service” in case of a Three Mobile cellphone network.

13. Deviate Labs (U.S.)

Touting itself as helping out even Shark Tank participants, Deviate Labs takes the best of startup growth tactics and corporate rainmaking schemes. The result is rapid growth and sustainable success.

14. Growth Media (Canada)

Scaling, scaling, scaling. How do you make whatever it is you’re doing bigger? Growth Media has the answer.

15. Bammboo (Netherlands)

Bammboo does everything from scratch. Landing page optimization and A/B testing? Relax, you’re covered.

16. Woodridge Growth (U. S.)

This growth hacking marketing agency focuses on loaded startups ready to fly to the stratosphere. Take the party hat off and put those millions to good use.

17. Rockboost (Netherlands)

Fancy background animation on Rockboost’s website shows the ultimate secret to growth – networking. Once you connect all the disjointed tidbits, you’ll get the synergistic growth effect.

18. Growth Agency (Belgium)

With a single 15-minute phone call, Growth Agency experts figure out where your business is at and the pain point. Learn, improve and become successful with just a little bit of help.

19. BAMF Media (U. S.)

BAMF Media takes no prisoners. With a captivating strategy, BAMF Media presents growth-as-a-service model, one where you’re constantly growing.

20. Cro Metrics (U. S.)

Develop, implement, grow – that’s the triple combo presented by Cro Metrics. Just find what works in those three areas and constantly iterate.

20. Nogood (U. S.)

What does it take to name a growth hacking company “nogood”? Lots and lots of chutzpah. Increase traffic and conversion with a proven plan of your own making.

22. Growth Rocks (UK)

How do you get eyeballs on your business and turn those people into customers? Growth Rocks knows the secrets and got them all down to a checklist.

23. RevelX (Netherlands)

How do you reach your revenue goal? RevelX tells you how to outperform it by thinking bigger and smarter.

24. Growth Tribe (Netherlands)

The future is in educating the youth. Growth Tribe puts this idea to action through its own growth hacking academy in Scandinavia, Denmark, France, UK and Netherlands. Available for individuals, teams and companies.

25. Brize (Netherlands)

Growth hacking needs some growth hacking of its own. Brize organizes hackathons and made inroads to IoT, in addition to being a proper growth hacking agency.

26. Spike (Netherlands)

Interested? You get a free 30-minute phone chat, just dial the number. Spike focuses on B2B on LinkedIn, the Facebook of work.

27. Digital Intent (U. S.)

What’s your intent? Let Digital Intent help you out discover the inner workings of growth hacking, in particular when it comes to branding.

28. Outfox (Sweden)

Outfox speaks the language of data and typically deals with established organizations. Why are your users frustrated? Outfox digs behind the data to find out.

29. Living Online (Australia)

Multi-channel action is the key component of Living Online’s strategy. Whatever it is you’re doing, create a multi-pronged campaign to achieve it.

30. Inbound Labs (U. S.)

Leverage the power of HubSpot, marketing and sales developer, with Inbound Labs. Develop websites and online access points with customer acquisition and conversion in mind for some juicy sales figures.

31. Avaus (Finland)

It’s one thing to do growth hacking, but Avaus does it backed by data. Future-proofing is a selling point of Avaus, who wants you to look at customer data and face challenges head on.

32. Les Causantes (France)

The beauty of growth hacking is how universal it is. Les Causantes focuses on French-speaking customers and clients, but the principles and data backing them are the exact same..

33. Tectonic (U. S., Germany, UAE, Poland)

It’s not enough that a business grows; it has to be a repeatable, scalable framework. Tectonic claims the secret is easy – customer satisfaction. Make people love what you’re doing and you’ll make it.

34. PressOnIt (U.S., Canada, UK, Israel, France)

Founded by a husband and wife, PressOnIt believes familiarity is what makes customers stay and keep coming back. Optimizing for search engines and app stores are two key services provided by PressOnIt.

35. Growth Hackers (US)

CEOs of Growth Hackers are fluent in couple languages and also do fundraising. Great choice for startups.

With 5 pre-built service packages, Growth Hakka shows you the price tag as soon as you land on the website. Click, pay and you’re good to go or order a bespoke one.

35. Growth Hakka (UK)

“Not everyone can be Facebook,” says Hackabu’s website, and that’s true. Have an overarching goal but do learn to walk before running, which is where Hackabu can help.

37. Hackabu (U. S.)

So, visitors landed on your website, how do you make them into customers? Avanza Growth focuses on conversion and nudging your users into the sales funnel.

38. Avanza Growth (U. S.)

Want a cool explainer video? Envy Creative focuses on video, has a quick turnaround (8 weeks or less) and a fully professional team. 50% of the price is paid in advance.

39. Envy Creative (U. S.)

Automate all the things – that’s the motto of Grow Force. With ready-made products aka “sprints”, Grow Force helps you get immediate products, whatever your business size.

40. Grow Force (Belgium)

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